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Unlock Your Business Success with High-Impact Websites

A good website is of paramount importance when it comes to making a good impression on your potential customer. It's where someone will find out more about your business, your vision, your product or the services that your business offers. It can make all the difference in securing a successful sale. ⁠

Having a compelling online presence is more crucial than ever, and the statistics speak for themselves.

Did you know? (Stats from Forbes 2023)

  • 71% percent of businesses now have a website in 2023.

  • Users form an opinion about a website in 0.05 seconds.

  • Half of internet users say that they use website design as a factor to formulate their opinion on a business.

  • The average cost of designing a basic website is over $2000.

  • It takes three months on average to design a website with basic features.

  • Almost half (48%) say the number one way they decide on the credibility of a business is determined by the web design.

  • The first impression formed of a website is around 94% design-related.

Your website is the digital storefront of your business, and much like a physical store, it needs to be inviting, well-maintained, and seamlessly functional. It's not just about having a presence on the internet; it's about making a lasting impression that drives success.

We specialize in creating and maintaining websites on popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. Choosing the right platform for your business is pivotal, and our expertise ensures that you get a website that aligns perfectly with your goals.

For those who already have a website, our services extend beyond mere creation. We recognize that a website is not a one-and-done project. It requires ongoing attention, updates, and a strategic approach to content. Think of your website as a living entity; it needs to evolve to stay relevant. We can step in to ensure that your website not only attracts but retains visitors. After all, the goal isn't just traffic but a loyal audience.

⁠Some of the ways the YES team can help with maintaining your website are:⁠⁠

👉 Updating keywords, SEO, web links⁠, alt text, metadata⁠⁠

👉 Updating content, news, blogs, and information⁠⁠

👉 Updating graphics⁠, graphic alt text, video links⁠⁠

👉 Optimize for mobile

👉 Maintaining your landing pages⁠⁠

👉 Collecting data⁠⁠ and checking analytics

👉 Integrating CRM's

👉 Wordpress Users - Software updates, backups, 24/7 monitoring, prevention of site downtime, widgets and integrations. ⁠⁠

Remember, your website is a dynamic tool that can either propel your business forward or hold it back. With YES, rest assured that your digital storefront will not only make a great first impression but will continue to impress, engage, and provide customers with everything they need. Let's build a digital presence that not only meets but exceeds your business objectives.

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