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Behind every successful business and entrepreneur is a strong structure of business administrative support services that functions every day to help any business deliver a smooth operation, mission and goals, and a successful bottom line.


Yin Executive Services is here to provide you with the support you need in 'virtually' any project or task you need assistance with, to help you optimize your business just like any Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Operations Manager, Event Manager or Marketing Manager would do for you.


We're here to give a professional, trusted, loyal and friendly service that you can rely on. We pride ourselves on the strong working relationships we build with clients and endeavor to exceed expectations to give your business that extra edge. We believe that extraordinary people are the real secret behind every successful business and entrepreneur. We're here to make sure you fulfill your business dreams and ambitions.

As the old saying goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way!", let's understand how we can help you and your business today. Say...


Founder Profile ~ Yin Lau

Executive Administration, Marketing & PR, Operations, and Event Management Professional with 11+ Years of Experience.


Originally born in Scotland, and raised in Wirral, United Kingdom, Yin grew up working in her parents' restaurant from a young age. After graduating with a First-class honour's degree in Business and Public Relations at Liverpool University, Yin went on to work in corporate automotive press offices, where she solidified her professional skills in communications, public relations, marketing, event management, and organizational skills. Yin has operated in high-pressure, demanding, time-critical, executive management, and VIP environments. 

Yin's specialized organizational expertise comes from years of experience in various corporate companies, working with successful business owners, and executives, spanning several continents, cultures, and environments. Yin's enthusiasm for life, plus her love for the incredible people that have come across her path from all levels of life have encouraged and supercharged her entrepreneurial spirit to build YES. Her business has provided the opportunity to fully utilize the exceptional administrative and organizational talents that she has learned while looking after her clients and creating a business that supports others wanting the same freedom, flexibility, and balance in their life and business. 

When she's not thinking about business, she is dreaming up future projects on how to make the world a better place. Yin can also be found saying 'YES' to, her love for photography, exploring the outdoors, cycling, snowboarding, yoga, camping, hiking, having friends around for dinner, and planning the next trip away! 

Our Projects

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Every customer is carefully managed...

“Yin is truly a jack of all trades, no project is too large or small for her dedicated commitment. Yin always provides 110% and will always ensure every customer is carefully managed to ensure the greatest outcome. Her loyalty and winning attitude are key to her success!”

Mark Stephenson

President & Co-Founder

Cube Business Media Inc.

North Vancouver

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