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Embracing the Growth Mindset: How to Let Go and Grow

Do you find it hard to let go or delegate, in the fear that someone won't be able to provide that quality that you promise to provide to your clients?⁠ 

⁠As a small business owner, the urge to wear all of the hats in order to be successful can be overpowering. There are many puzzle pieces involved in making a business successful and it can often feel daunting when it comes to putting all of those pieces together.⁠ If you ask any successful entrepreneur, they will tell you how important it is to be able to seek help and let go!⁠

For some of us, admitting that we need help can hold us back from fulfilling our greatest goals and dreams. Once you push aside those GROWTH-denying thoughts, it becomes clear that by letting someone help you with your regular tasks, YOU will benefit from more time to work ON your business instead of working IN your business.⁠

Asking for help is really only half the battle. Once you've asked, you need to be able to let go of those tasks. Sometimes that can be even harder than actually admitting you need help. Finding someone who shares your business’s core values and beliefs, and who has a proven track record in the industry, makes it so much easier to delegate.⁠ 

Take a minute and ask yourself these questions:

👉 ⁠Which tasks are you doing every day that still spark the passion in you? 

👉 ⁠Which tasks are you still doing that are dragging you down? 

👉 ⁠Which tasks are a priority? ⁠

👉 ⁠How would it feel to hand off the tasks that bog you down and instead focus on those that encourage, inspire, and motivate you to grow your business?⁠

This is where delegation comes in. If there is something you are doing every day that you either don't enjoy or don't excel in or can be assigned to someone else so you can focus on something more important, then why not delegate it to someone who does it better than you or provides it as a service? ⁠

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that outsourcing to small or medium-sized businesses is too costly. It is also easy to forget that in order for your business to scale and to really grow, you need to surround yourself with a team of competent professionals, each with their own skill set. ⁠

Here are some helpful questions to help set yourself up for success when bringing on some additional support in your business.

👉 Do you have an SOP or is the process for the task/s all in your head?

👉 How can you make delegating/transitioning tasks easier? 

👉 How much time would you like someone to spend on your tasks?

👉 What is your budget?

👉 What’s your long-term plan?

Hiring someone, bringing on someone fractionally, or outsourcing, is definitely a decision you will not regret. By building the right team around you,  you can effectively scale your business and live those dreams.

Schedule a consultation with us so you can find out just how easy it can be to say #YES to trusted and reliable help, that creates results. 

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