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Discover the Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Yin Executive Services - Virtual Assistant Services

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive, do you:

👉 Feel like you are overloaded with work?

👉 Struggle with tackling new tasks or managing recurring tasks?

👉 Wish you had someone to help take away those daily tasks so you can focus on what's important to your business? ⁠

👉 Need some help on a project, but don't want to commit to an annual employee contract? ⁠

👉 Wish you didn't have to think about all the extra hiring, management and onboarding tasks?⁠

👉 Need some flexibility without fear of disappointing anyone?⁠

If any of the above resonates with you, consider outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant.

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant include:

✔ Focus on core business functions and focus on your business goals and objectives

✔ Reduce your workload, reduce your team’s workload

✔ Reduce the cost of managing employees and reduce the cost of your hiring process

✔ Tax benefits​

✔ Executive Virtual Assistant works on specifications provided

✔ Assistance fine-tuning or developing your operational processes

✔ Flexible work ethic and flexible schedule

✔ Scale with less risk and no long-term contracts

✔ Like an employee, Executive Virtual Assistant becomes a member of your team

✔ Like an employee, committed to giving a professional high-quality and loyal service

✔ No office overheads such as: Office equipment, Office Space, General software licenses 

✔ Operational cost savings like: Employers Insurance, CPP, Breaks, Sick Days, Vacation Pay, Worksafe

And much more!

YES provides a wide range of executive virtual assistant services to support your business. We want to help you optimize your efficiency and time so you can focus on gaining the best results for your business growth and development. ⁠

Working successfully with many businesses and executives, our service is based on experience, which means we know upholding a professional and high-level standard throughout is essential to our clients. We want to make sure that quality runs through our foundation, our people, and all our services that are provided to you, your team, and most importantly, to your clients. ⁠

⁠Our happiness and passion come from being able to contribute to achieving your goals and objectives and helping you and your business be as successful as possible. ⁠

Say YES to Executive Virtual Assistance! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!⁠

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