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Email Management

Falling behind on emails…need to focus on what’s really important? Let someone else manage your inbox.

The largest culprits of time-wasting come from your email inbox. One of the most important communication sources of your business, but also the most time-consuming. An Atlassian study found that it can take up to '16 minutes to refocus after handling incoming email', and if you've got a busy inbox, that's potentially a lot of refocusing time throughout the day. Have a virtual assistant help you manage what's a priority and set up folders to help you keep your inbox organized. 

  • Set up and manage email inboxes

  • Help to organise your inbox

  • Pull out priorities

  • Reply to messages

  • Set up auto-replies, vacation messages, signatures

Email Management

Research & Reporting

Every business thrives on having the latest information to keep itself relevant.


Research can take a great deal of time to put together, so give your virtual assistant a brief so they can spend the time gathering data and deliver you the research and results, 


Whether you need help researching sales data, the current market, competition, the latest marketing craze, or past, present & future trends, someone needs to do some digging to find out what's happening in your business environment. 

  • ​summarize data

  • report findings

Research & Reporting
Data Entry

Data Entry

We help with those small, time-consuming, monotonous tasks that keep the foundations of your business strong. 

These days, technology has transformed the world in which we do business, with good data having become ever more important. A time-consuming task, however, fundamentally important. Trust a dependable assistant to help you keep your data on top. 

  • Update and maintain CRM's

  • Maintain mailing lists

  • Record keeping

  • Sales data

  • Research data

  • Spreadsheets

  • Communication data

  • Scheduling and calendar data

  • Basic bookkeeping


Social Media Support

Today, Social Media is a crucial tool for businesses to engage with their target audience. Get support with content creation to build brand awareness, scheduling, analytics to track your audience reach and engagement, and advice on growing your presence in the social sphere. 

Social Media is now one of the leading ways to generate interest in your business, generate leads and provide your audience with the latest news.

Getting your social media right, takes time and energy! Allow your virtual assistant to help support and grow your following and your profits. 

  • Account Setup

  • Account optimization

  • Social media analytics

  • Content creation

  • Graphics creation

  • Scheduling and content calendar

  • Multiple social media account management ie.LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

  • Social media engagement

  • Account audit

  • Tag research and application

Social Media Management

Calendar Management

Do you suffer from having a busy calendar? Let us help you keep your life organised and on time. 

  • Help maintain your calendar

  • Schedule your appointments

  • Time management in between your appointments

  • Assist in your meeting plans

Calendar Managment

Sales Lead Generation

The importance of online sales lead generation in today's business environment has become a key driver for many businesses and their successful future.

Social media has played a huge part in this, did you know:


"- 75% of the B2B buyers use Social Media to make buying decisions.
- 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions.
- 76% of B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network."

~ LinkedIn


Utilizing LinkedIn as a sales source, and a warm lead generation platform can help your business flourish and draw in those all-important leads for your business. Get assistance with:

  • LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Account Setup

  • Account optimization

  • Your LinkedIn target message to reach your audience

  • Implementation of your strategy

  • Managing messages, replies and follow ups

  • Schedule meetings

  • Forward those leads for your conversion

  • Increase your network connections

Sales Lead Generation

Planning & Strategy

Have someone help you with the implementation of your business plan and strategy. 

  • Provide support for your business strategy, project goals, and business teams and departments

  • Every plan benefits from having a little extra help in it's actioning and implementation. Achieve your goals with a little extra help from us.  

Planning & Strategy

Writing & Content Creation

Content is vital to your success as a business.

From professional emails, reports and presentations, newsletters, advertising, social media posts, blogs, website content, the list is seemingly endless...content is now key in our digital information age. ​

This requires a certain style of writing to communicate your business's ideas and products to your audience. Not only that but content can take time, research, and requires copywriting experience. 

As a virtual assistance service, receive professional content, clarity and communication for all your important business tasks so that you can keep your business reputation at the top of its game. 

Writing & Content Creation

CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management systems are an important technology/software that manages your relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. 

  • Set up of your choosen CRM

  • Assistance updating your CRM

  • Tidying up the data in your CRM

  • Monitoring and inputting new clients

  • Setup tasks

  • Input additional data

  • Monitor subscriptions and mailing lists

  • Assist with newsletters or mailouts

  • Co-ordinate calendars

  • Link other applications

CRM Management

Website Maintenance

In today's world, if someone wants to know anything about you, your business, your service or your product, your website is one of the instantaneous ways someone can find out more information at a click of a button. 

A good website is of paramount importance in making a good impression and can make all the difference in securing a successful sale. So, making sure that your website is maintained, updated with the latest information, working with active links, and working to its full potential is now a job that can be handled by your virtual assistant. 

  • Update links

  • Update news, blogs and information

  • Update graphics

  • Produce landing pages

  • Collect data

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Website Maintenance

App & Cloud Management

As the push for digital is upon us, many businesses are already using software and cloud applications to manage all their internal filing and support services. 

The digital transition of administrative duties has many and varied advantages but it not without its complexities. 

For those who have transitioned, it's about maintenance and making sure everyone using the services are on board and using them correctly.


For those who haven't quite made the full transition, it's about when, how and what do you need. 

YES, is here to provide you support in your digital world of endless cloud applications, for example:

  • online file storage (i.e Google Drive, Dropbox)

  • CRM's (i.e Hubspot, Top Producer)

  • project management, (i.e Trello, Asana)

  • marketing social media apps (i.e Later, Hootsuite)

  • event management apps (i.e Pheedloop, eventbrite)

  • scheduling apps (i.e Calendly, Google Calendar) 

  • Internal Industry Servers and Applications (i.e Paragon)

App & Cloud Management

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders are vital to your business operation, whether they're internal or external, primary or secondary, your stakeholders are the reason your business exists. 

Your investors, employees, customers, suppliers, to the outside communities, government and trade organisations, can all be affected by your business, therefore, need to be focused on, nurtured and tended to.


YES commit to providing you and your business a professional service to make sure, that if we are to be in contact or connection with your stakeholders, that they are always looked after and managed to the best of our ability. 

  • Excellent communications

  • Internal & External Public Relations

  • Relationship Management

Stakeholder Management
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