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The Power of Prioritizing Health and Wellness in Your Daily Routine

Life gets so busy that it can be hard to remember to prioritize your health. But in reality, without your health you have nothing.⁠

Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, managing your health and wellness has a huge impact on your success.⁠ It is crucial to make time to look after your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Prioritizing your well-being improves work habits, increases productivity, and decreases absenteeism. ⁠

Here are our Top 3 Health & Wellness activities:⁠

🧘‍♀️ ⁠Meditation ~ known to improve memory, concentration, focus, reduce blood pressure, slow down or even prevent diseases. Meditation has been a long time tradition in many cultures all over the world and throughout time before it became trendy on social media .

As a leader or a team member, making time and space for your mind to breathe is a powerful way to start your day. ⁠

Here are some of the health benefits of meditation: ⁠

⚫ Reduced anxiety and depression⁠.

⚫ Increased self-confidence and better emotional health⁠.

⚫ Enhanced self-awareness⁠.

⚫ Lowered stress levels⁠.

⚫ Improved sleep⁠.

⚫ Decreased blood pressure⁠.

⚫ Helps you to refocus and improves attention span⁠.

Just imagine how much more intentionally productive your day would be if you do 10 minutes of meditation every morning! You are sure to feel more energized and ready to handle your day.⁠

Some of our favourite apps to help make meditating easy are @calm (7-day free trial or DM us if you want unlimited 30-day access), @insighttimer (free), or Balance by Google (free for a year). Just download them via your app store. ⁠

🚴 Exercise ~ can help boost your energy, improve your mood, make you sleep better, combat health problems and keep your body healthy. Blow off some steam, release that energy you've built up all day, get your blood pumping around your body and get your muscles and joints moving. ⁠

In this age of technology where many of us spend a huge amount of time behind a screen, the challenge is to try and make the conscientious effort to swap out some screen time in favour of a walk, exercise, mini-workout, a stretch, or just anything to move your body around. ⁠Take a moment to turn your eyes away from your screen and let your eyes refocus.

By doing this, the positive effects can be seen as: ⁠

⚫ Lowered stress levels and a better mood⁠.

⚫ Improved sleep⁠.

⚫ More focus and productivity⁠.

⚫ Reduced eye strain, less headaches and neckache⁠.

⚫ Improved blood circulation and muscle strength⁠.

⁠Here are a couple of our favourite apps to help you get some rest from too much screen time and get you moving. Try Stretchly, the break-time reminder app downloaded onto your laptop, or use the "Workout for Women: Fit at home" (Google/Apple) app via your app store (Men's apps available too). And if you’re a fan of yoga, try out Yoga with Adrienne for short videos that you can do during your day. ⁠

🏞️ Get outdoors ~ even if it's just for a short walk around the block. If it's a sunny day, soak up the rays and get your boost of vitamin D. Breathe in some fresh outdoor air, a big breath in and a huge exhale can help cleanse your lungs and release toxins.

Being outside can:

⚫ Lower your blood pressure.

⚫ Boost your mood.

⚫ Help to reduce stress.

⚫ Improve your immune system.

⚫ Increase productivity.

⚫ Get your creativity back and restore your focus!

Whether you work in an office or work from home, getting fresh air during work hours is absolutely crucial for your physical and mental health! Every cell in your body relies upon a constant, fresh stream of oxygen. Did you know that 20% of the oxygen you breathe in is used by your brain to function? So, increasing the amount of fresh air you have can provide greater clarity to the brain, promoting optimal function whilst helping you to think, focus and concentrate better. It's the reason why we feel better when we go outside, the increase in oxygen helps us to release more of the happy hormone (serotonin), hence the better mood.

If you can't make it outside, open your nearest window, or push open that door. Give yourself some extra breathing room.

So take a break from your screen, step away from your desk, step outside for a few minutes, and inhale that fresh air!

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